Monday, November 12, 2007

Incubator of Spiritual Leaders

I ran across this quote the other day...and it still reflects God's calling on my life and the privilege I get in my work each day at Wheaton I long to continue to grow more effective in truly fostering an enviroment that is the right place for leaders to be chosen, equipped, and then launched into every nation and arena and community of God's people...

A Quote from...The Leadership Baton: An Intentional Strategy for Developing Leaders in Your Church

The church has a God-given capacity to engage in whole-life leadership development. It can develop godly character in its leaders, help them forge a strong theological worldview, and build strong relational and leadership skills. The local church is by design the most effective incubator of spiritual leaders on the planet.

The answer to the shortage of church leaders around the world has been there since Pentecost. The answer is this: restoring the church to the center of leadership training—which has been God's strategy all along. When the church is actively fulfilling its mission of raising up leaders for the harvest, nothing can stop it.

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