Thursday, December 20, 2007

2007 Family Christmas Letter


This summer we went on a family vacation to the magical place called Disney World. We had a wonderful time and honestly were filled with joy as we were together and enjoyed the fun found in the Disney experience. Those moments in late July are great memories for our family, and we celebrate as we draw toward Christmas the tremendous joy we continue to discover in family relationships, great friends, Kingdom ministry opportunities, and the reality that the Savior of all forever changed everything as He entered the world at Christmas so many years ago.

No one is more expressive about the joy of life than Trey. He is in his second year of preschool and has the best teachers he could ever hope for! He entered the formal sports team world this year, and the t-ball games and soccer matches were the highlights of every week. He loves playing with any kind of ball and is always looking to add a play date to his schedule. He brings so much life and excitement to our house and has a best friend in his big sister.

Olivia is now in third grade and loves reading all kinds of books, building the ultimate Webkinz room, and playing soccer. She is also busy filling our house with sounds from the piano. She has a great group of girl friends and continues to love helping to meet the needs of others, especially the children of Africa. A Zambia dance party for her eighth birthday was a highlight of her year! Her kindness brings incredible joy to our family every day.

Ingrid is the one who keeps a smile on all the Huber faces. Her continued management of our home and the love she gives each of us makes us happy to be home with one another. She continues with some part time nursing work and loves to help out at Olivia’s school. She spends a lot of time driving around the area with kids in our van and is often part of Chip’s ministry ventures at Wheaton Academy. No one is appreciated or loved more in the Huber family!

Chip still loves the joy of being part of the high school world where everyday he sees students growing in their faith and taking risks to change the world! This year brought the loss of a couple close friends and colleagues at Wheaton Academy, and a major change in that he stepped down as the boys’ varsity soccer coach. He continues to speak about and lead student movements in response to the global AIDS pandemic in Africa, and his summer trip with WA faculty, graduates, and current students back to Zambia was filled with moments of intense hope, overwhelming grief and a remarkable connection with the people of Kakolo Village.

As we celebrate Christmas this year, we cling tightly to the joy that
our Lord has brought to earth and to our individual lives...Jesus’
arrival was and continues to be the “news of great joy” promised
in Luke 2:10...we pray that 2008 will be full of the peace and joy of
Jesus for you and your family...


Chip, Ingrid, Olivia, Trey

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Luke said...

It was a tad unexpected to see the Hubers at Disney World for the Christmas card. We were expecting Africa or the top of a mountain. I suppose Animal Kingdom substitutes well for a stateside safari.