Saturday, February 27, 2010

Reading Set #1 to Dig Deeper in Series on Poverty and Justice

I'm really excited to spend 3 weeks teaching and learning and engaging the issues of poverty and justice with the college and career crew at ADA BIBLE's the topic for week 1:

A Look into the Scriptures: How God Feels about Poverty and Justice, and His heart those who are suffering...and His belief in those who can bring healing

Each week, I'll be linking a few documents for folks who want to read some good stuff that dives deeper into the topic for the week...

READING #1: God's Special Concern for the Poor by Ron Sider

READING #2: Reading the Scriptures with New Eyes by Chip Huber

Would love to dialogue about these readings or the material presented at Union on Tuesday nights...may we grow in our biblical concern for the people and things that break the heart of God in our world today...

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