Monday, September 13, 2010

NIGHT of NETS Event Info

A CU Special Event: NIGHT of NETS—Saturday September 25th

“The Beautiful Game Helps Make a More Beautiful Life for the Children of Africa”

Come see the CU men’s and women’s soccer teams play on the CU soccer field at 12 pm (MEN’S GAME) and 2:30 pm (WOMEN’S GAME)…

You are encouraged to pay a $6 admission fee that will change the lives of families in Africa forever…the $6 price of attending a soccer game will purchase a bed net that will help prevent the spread of malaria in sub-Saharan Africa where the disease is the leading killer of children in the region… and the nets will be distributed on a CU trip to Zambia this May…

You can check out more details at the Night of Nets event website:

You can donate even if you can’t come to the game…money can be brought to Chip Huber in Spiritual Formation or you can donate on-line (checks made out to World Vision)

We will see you at the soccer match and please invite your friends to this CU event where you can make a life-changing difference while supporting our athletes!

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