Friday, May 6, 2011

ONE.LIFE--A Few Thoughts from Scot McKnight's new book

A couple pieces I loved from chapters 2 and 8 on Kingdom and Church Life in ONE.LIFE--Jesus Calls and We Follow, a new book worth your read by our graduation speaker at CU this year: (he's also an alum!)


A Christian is one who follows Jesus by devoting his or her One.Life to the kingdom of God, fired by Jesus' own imagination, to a life of loving God and loving others, and to a society shaped by justice, especially for those who have been marginalized, to peace, and to a life devoted to acquiring wisdom in the context of a local church. This life can only be discovered by being empowered by God's Spirit.


Jesus means this when He speaks of the kingdom:
God's Dream Society on earth, spreading out from the land of Israel to encompass the whole world.

God's Dream is UBUNTU...God's people living before God and with others in a way that embodied the will of God in a new kind of society...
*Kingdom is an interconnected society
*Kingdom is a society noted by caring for others
*Kingdom is a society shaped by justice
*Kingdom is a society empowered by love
*Kingdom is a society dwelling in peace
*Kingdom is a society flowing with wisdom
*Kingdom is a society that knows its history
*Kingdom is a society living out its memory
*Kingdom is a society that values society
*Kingdom is a society that cares about its future

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