Saturday, August 20, 2011

A List of Top 37 Leadership Quotes from the Global Leadership Summit

Quite the list of quotes from the can't miss event at Willow Creek...which I missed this I am glad for a look at these words...

1.We live in a world that’s crying out for better leadership. @billhybels
2.Nothing rocks forever. @billhybels
3.If you can’t predict the future, create it. –Len Schlesinger
4.Little bets and baby steps make all the difference. –Len Schlesinger
5.The world you see outside of you will always be a reflection of what you have inside of you. @corybooker
6.Who you are speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you say. @corybooker
7.Catalytic events are never nice, easy, or comfortable. @revdocbrenda
8.Pray for a divine mandate, name your catalytic event, mobilize people to go! @revdocbrenda
9.Competence is no longer scarce. –Seth Godin
10.I’m not a psychopath—I’m wearing a tie! –Seth Godin
11.There’s no map for being an artist. –Seth Godin
12.If it’s worth doing, why aren’t you doing it now? –Seth Godin
13.The world is begging for you to lead. –Seth Godin
14.To love is to give, to give until it hurts. –Mama Maggie Gobran
15.I’m just dumb enough to believe God can do anything. @stevenfurtick
16.If the vision isn’t overwhelming to you, it’s probably insulting to God. @stevenfurtick
17.One of the reasons we struggle with insecurity is because we are comparing our behind-the-scenes with others highlight reels. @stevenfurtick
18.If we aren’t careful we can become addicted to the narcotic of success and growth. @billhybels
19.I don’t know a single leader who ever regretted taking a tough assignment from God. @billhybels
20.May God grant that we are worthy to stand beside sisters and brothers standing in faith in the hard places. @wess_stafford
21.In silence you leave the many and are with the One. –Mama Maggie Gobran
22.We choose whether to be a nobody or a hero. –Mama Maggie Gobran
23.I would much rather deal with anger than apathy. @m_rhee
24.Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. @m_rhee
25.People are either wise, fools, or evil. You must deal with each differently. @drhenrycloud
26.It takes guts to do what leadership requires when you’re dealing with a fool. @drhenrycloud
27.Humility is the noble choice to forgo your status and use your influence for the good of others before yourself. @johnpauldickson
28.Humility is beautiful, generative, persuasive, and inspiring. @johnpauldickson
29.Enter the danger. @patricklencioni
30.People are hungry for those who will tell them the kind truth. @patricklencioni
31.Your job is not to look smart. It’s to help your team do more and better. @patricklencioni
32.The only thing worse than someone farting in a meeting is someone pretending they didn’t fart in a meeting. @patricklencioni
33.We, the Church, need to become cultivators of human potential and narrators of the human story. @erwinmcmanus
34.We need a revival of great storytelling. Whoever tells the best story wins the culture. @erwinmcmanus
35.Sometimes the truth is lost in a bad story. @erwinmcmanus
36.An ordinary human has never been born. But most of us die as tragically ordinary humans. @erwinmcmanus
37.Evil men don’t ask permission to create the future. @erwinmcmanus

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