Saturday, December 3, 2011

Section #1 from 58: FAST LIVING…How the Church Will End Poverty by Scott Todd

I just finished reading this remarkable read by Scott Todd inviting the church of Jesus Christ to imagine, believe, and then participate in helping to end extreme poverty for this next generation of children in our many words and quotes and ideas struck me that I've decided to simply post some of the passages I underlined over the next few weeks on my be honest, I care too deeply about this huge idea and believe with all my heart that God is indeed calling those who know Him to engage in this remarkable Kingdom act in the days and years to here's the first couple sections of many more to come...I hope you read the book or watch the accompanying documentary we showed a few weeks ago on campus at CU yourself!

The ideas in this book are designed to move you to expect that Christians, by God’s grace and power, will bring an end to extreme global poverty in the next 25 years. We can build a world where massive numbers of children will no longer die from mosquito bites, invisible killers in their water, or any other preventable threat. And on that journey we will no longer slouch under mediocre expectations of God or of ourselves. Instead we will discover sources of unexpected hope and draw strength to do what God has equipped us to do.

Expectations are not the same as hopes. They are hopes injected with confidence. Expectations also differ from possibilities. Possibilities are imaginable, perhaps even realistic, scenarios of the future. Expectations, on the other hand, are probable, seemingly inevitable scenarios for our future. Expectations provide a scaffold for our decision making, and we gamble on them every day. You can’t expect what you don’t believe possible.

High expectations innovate. High expectations persevere. High expectations don’t quit until they’re satisfied.

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