Tuesday, August 13, 2013

DR Trip Flights Home

The guys on the CU Men's Basketball team have spent the last two days in church, spending time with the people of Santiago and GO Ministries staff, and debriefing their trip while visiting the beautiful beaches of the DR...later today they will head home with new experiences and a call to live differently because of what God has taught them and shown them over the past week...many of you will have the chance to hear more about this trip in the days to come...pray that God will use it to indeed do transforming work in their lives and that God will continue to grow His Kingdom work in Santiago...

Here is their flight schedule once again as they arrive back in GR tonight:

*Delta #324 departs Santo Domingo @1245 pm…arrives in Atlanta at 6:30 pm


*Delta #1964 departs Atlanta @835 pm…arrives in Grand Rapids at 10:45 pm

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