Monday, May 2, 2016


Here's an awesome statement from the mission group ITEAMS...I love their philosophy and commitment to integrative community transformation...
Things are not alright. Therefore, we choose to stand against the status quo. We choose to see the invisible, give a voice to the voiceless, create beauty from ashes, rediscover dignity, restore hope.
Circumstances can't erase the fact that every person is of equal value in the eyes of Jesus. We choose to see every person through the eyes of Jesus. We won't separate mission and compassion, because Jesus doesn't. We will pursue transformation in an integrated way that honors the community where we live and work, collaborating with others whenever possible.
We choose to work alongside the oppressed and not over them. We identify with the outcasts. We choose to live in a way that reflects Jesus. We believe no one should be invisible and everyone should have access to food, freedom, and forgiveness.

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