Saturday, January 9, 2010

Game Day in the DR

Here's another blog from Dave DeBoer, a senior captain who helped put together this trip in many ways...

Today we got to play in a 4 team soccer tournament in Santo Domingo at the University of Unhfu. Our first match was against Rolando Bauger, a club team consisting of mainly 17 and 18 year olds and we demonstrated grace by getting beat 4-0. Our second match was against the other team in the losers bracket, the University of Oym. They scored a quick goal in the first half which is the way the game ended. We had the opportunity to interact with the team members from the DR, by praying with them and Ian shared a bit of why we're here. He explained that we are here to not only play soccer but our passion for the game is trumped by the compassion for God's people that has brought us here. The Carribean sun showed its face in full force today and scorched us. After dinner we had a good small group session talking about the different emotions that we encountered through the day , what it means to be a man of strength and compassion, and what tension has arisen through the experiences we have had.

I have loved for many, many years now seeing how the game we all love serves all across the world as a point of connection and quick allows us to go to other cultures and quickly build common ground that allows us to answer questions about why we are here and how we have an even greater love for Christ who is our source of our gifts and the One who gives us purpose and meaning in is always a joy to use the gifts and passions God has given us for Kingdom purpose! We'll head to church to worship with our Dominican brothers and sisters in the morning and enjoy a Sunday together with new friends in the DR! Thanks for your prayers as you worship together with believers back home!

We miss you all! And be sure to check out the 2 previous new posts that have pictures from the trip...thanks for your words of encouragement and everyone says HI to family members and friends...CHIP

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Catherine said...

Great pictures! You are salt and light! What you are doing will never evaporate!!