Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Prayers for the DR Trip!

My name is Chip Huber and this is my first year serving in the Spiritual Formation office at CU...I also happen to be a long-time soccer player, coach, and lover of the game...and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to travel with other folks from the CU soccer community on this mission trip experience...

As we head off to the Dominican Republic in a few hours, here's a prayer update I want to offer to you...we covet your prayers as we seek to have a transformational life experience together as a team and with the people in the DR...I'll be blogging from the DR several times over the next week and will get some help from the guys in sharing stories and experiences from our trip...…here are ten specific prayer ways you can pray for us:

1.Safety and health in our travels around the DR over the next 7 days
2.A good working out of schedule and administrative details as we attempt to see and be part of many different experiences in a short time period
3.Ability to connect with and love and learn from our Domincan brothers and sisters
4.The continued impact of the Christian school which is being used by hundreds and hundreds of students in this community, and the physical strength to help in the further expansion of this school to serve the needs of a growing child population
6.A deep sense of community and growth in our team as we seek to discuss and mull over the experiences and resulting questions we will encounter...we are excited to build deeper friendships with each other and use our athletic gifts in soccer as a ministry and witness tool...
7.A fresh vision for future projects and personal involvement in the work God is doing in the DR and other nations around the world
8.A greater love for Christ and a heart that beats and cares for and loves the poor and oppressed and sick people in our world
9.Opportunities to pray for/with and encourage believers and the local body of Christ in the DR as they share the Gospel in word and deed with the children and adults of their communities
10.Ability to hear and receive stories and learnings that we can then take and use as powerful resources in being advocates and leaders when we return home

We can’t wait to return and give you the stories of our trip along with some photos and videos we will have taken…once again, thank you for being part of this Kingdome…your overwhelming generosity and partnership is truly a remarkable blessing in our lives…We thank God for your friendship, gifts of love, and your prayers…

Together in His Work and for the 2010 Soccer Missions Crew,

Chip Huber
Dean of Student Engagement at Cornerstone University

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Catherine said...

Thank you Chip for offering to provide updates through your blog, that is so great and helpful to family, friends and the CU community. Coach Bells' 2 sons, Josh and Zack and I are praying for you all and appreciate all of the love you are bringing to the people you will be serving. Many Blessings, Catherine Mueller-Bell