Monday, May 10, 2010

Quite the Day in the DR...A Guest Blogger/Point Guard Writes!

It is late and we are pretty tired...but full of energy and experiences from a unique was a day filled with hard work in helping to build a kitchen that will feed hundreds of children before they attend school each day, helping young coaches impact the next generation of Dominican athletes, and sharing the story of Jesus with hundreds of folks gathered to watch night time basketball in a typical Dominican community...these are good days, and it has been an absolute ball for us to enjoy serving Christ together here...I've got a guest blogger tonight to tell you's a recap of our day from point guard Dominic Allen:

Today was a wild day. The whole trip has been an outstanding experience for all of us, and today may have been the most exciting. We began the day early out at the school filling huge pillars with cement. Cement work is extremely difficult stuff, but we had a good time doing it. The sun actually was covered by clouds and that was a huge break for us (even though about half of us got burnt,including me). We worked until early afternoon and then got the opportunity to jump in the camp pool which was really refreshing. At about 2 o clock a group of coaches assembled and Coach E put on a clinic for them; it was great for us to teach the coaches because they can in turn teach their players and we can reach many more people. We basically went through an abbreviated practice and showed them some of our set plays we run. After this was over we ate dinner and headed to tonight's game.

One thing about these games is going in we have no idea what we are getting into. We knew the game was on an outdoor court but that's it. We arrived at the court and we were just wowed for about half an hour; the court was walled in with barbed wire along the top (most of us have pictures of it and this is something you definitely want to see). The place was jammed were all over us, and of course we were passing out candy, t-shirts, and basketballs...and they loved us! That was so amazing to just see how happy the kids were to be around us. When the game finally started (an hour late, of course) we had no idea what to expect from the team. Come to find out they were good, very good. We led most of the game until the third quarter and they went on a huge run and took an 11 point lead. We definitely didn't want to lose, and we responded by having a great 4th quarter and won by 12 points, 115-103.

This time in the DR has been life changing for all of us and we have had the opportunity to experience so many things that most of us never thought we would be able to...we are all excited to see what the next few days have in store for us here in the DR...All of you reading this are missed and are on our minds. God bless you all and good night from the DR!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the pictures! Love getting to hear about the awesome ways God is working in and through you all! Praying for continued safety and the Lord's presence as you finish out the week!

Rebecca Janofski

Anonymous said...

What a exciting and busy day!! All of you are working so hard to do the work of the lord!! Very proud of all you!!