Thursday, December 9, 2010

Be Rich This Christmas by Andy Stanley

I know some people who are great at getting rich. But when it comes to being rich, I'm less than impressed.

In their defense, they have many problems non-rich people don't have. For instance, they need to come up with a retirement plan to ensure their golden years really are golden. I know lots of people who are faced with decisions about trading in slightly used cars, remodeling a room of their house, or upgrading to the latest, largest LCD. And who doesn't have a hard time planning how or where to spend their two weeks of paid vacation?

These are rich people problems. I have them. And my guess is one of these sounds familiar to you too.

Don't think you're rich? If you earn more than $37,000 a year, you are in the top four percent of wage earners—in the world. Congratulations! You're rich.

The thing is, "rich" is a moving target. When you were 16, $37,000 would have made you feel rich. A mortgage, a few kids, and two cars later, the same can't be said.

Throughout our lives we aspire to earn more money and accumulate more stuff. But when we earn more and collect more, our desire for more just grows.

What if we spent less time worrying about getting rich and more time and energy being rich?

The average American spends 67 days every year watching TV, but only 48 hours serving others. This December, are you focused on getting rich or being rich?

Let me help you shift gears this Christmas. Support a cause. Be rich.

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Sharon said...

Thanks for the reminder, Chip.