Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Family Weekend at CU We Hope Will Create Memories and Change the World

This coming weekend is a couple of days I always look forward to on the CU campus…it is Family Weekend and I love all the extra parents and siblings who come to CU and get a little taste of what college life is like in 2011…for parents it takes them back to past memories, and for siblings it gives them a little preview of what the future might hold…and in the midst of looking back and looking forward we’ve designed Family Weekend this year to focus on some really important things that are happening in our world right now…

On Friday we are inviting all CU students and the families visiting to help meet the needs of those in east Africa affected by one of the worst famines in recent memory…every day 18,000 kids across the world die simply because they don’t have enough to eat, and we are partnering with an organization called Feed My Starving Children because we think Jesus wants us to try and change that reality in our world…there are three blocks of time in where we need about 170 people to come to the Hansen Center blue gym and build meals for 2 hours that will provide the food and nutrition to children and families literally waiting and praying for food to eat…it is an experience I highly recommend as it has challenged me and my family to care more deeply about global hunger, and we’ve had a really good time trying to respond to the least in Jesus’ name…we are hoping to build 100,000 meals in just one day on our campus…sign up online today at this link and help us feed the hungry in our world:

On Saturday, we are hosting our second annual Night of Nets soccer matches to respond to another global crisis that threatens millions of children’s lives in our world today…malaria takes the lives of over three quarters of a million kids in sub-Saharan Africa each year, and this disease transmitted by mosquito bites at night is very much preventable…we never really charge students and fans at our soccer games on campus but we are inviting each person who comes to the women’s game at 12 pm or the men’s game at 2:30 pm to pay a suggested admission fee of $6 at this one match…you see, six dollars will purchase a treated bed net that will protect children all across Zambia from being infected with this deadly disease as they are sleeping… we love the fact that we get to play the game Africa loves and use the platform it provides to help save the next generation of soccer players on the other side of the world…in fact, these nets will be delivered to families this May by many of the athletes you can watch play on Saturday afternoon…you can check out more and even donate online if you can’t come to either of the soccer games at the website we created for our Night of Nets event:

It really should be a fantastic weekend here at CU…we hope many of you share a bunch of laughs and create memories with your family members that have come to see you…and we hope that hundreds and hundreds of CU students do something on a fall Friday or Saturday that will together help make people’s lives and our world reflect more what God’s Kingdom looks like…lives where food is available and malaria is eradicated in the name of Jesus by His followers that love God and their neighbors…CUSG hopes you’ll be part of these events as we seek to make CU a place where our student culture loves to serve and bless those in need both near and far away…

Hope to see you packing food and watching soccer balls fly this weekend!

Chip Huber
Dean of Student Engagement/Family Weekend Coordinator

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