Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Why Student Leaders are Important by Doug Franklin

Here's a thought I resonate with from one of the leaders I respect deeply when it comes to engaging students and helping equip them for impact in our world...it is especially interesting in light of Dave Kinnaman's new book coming out on the generation of Christian students that has left the church in their years following high school:

So much is being said about students dropping out of church. Many are leaving at the end of high school and not returning until their mid 20s or later. The question we as youth workers must ask is: “Why did they leave in the first place?” Believe me; I am not looking to place blame. I just want to know what is affecting these students and what our ministries can do to stop it from happening.

I believe the answer to “Why” is found in what students identify with. Do your students see their youth group as a ministry of the church to students or as the students’ ministry to the world? The question is an important one because it’s the difference between just attending and being owners. Owners don’t walk away. They have an investment, a stake in the goal.

Student ministries need to make owners of students.

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