Monday, January 7, 2008

10 Days of Student Blogs

For the next ten days at Wheaton Academy, I will be hanging out all day with ten incredible students in an all day class entitled Poverty and Social will be full of disturbing statistics, films too difficult to even watch at times, and meaningful questions and conversations as we seek to respond ourselves and create venues for others to engage some of the most challenging questions the world and church is facing in our be honest, it probably will be the highlight of my academic year...and each day, one of the students will be writing on this blog some of their own personal thoughts and ideas in response to what we will study and what they are learning and seeing concerning poverty and justice in their own lives today...I think you will enjoy and be moved and stimulated by what they have to say and what God is doing in and thru their young lives...

Here's a brief look at some of the topics we will be digging into as a community of Christ-followers:

WA Winterim 2008 Poverty and Social Justice Learning Practicum

Daily Class Topics Schedule:

Monday January 7-World Poverty/Millennium Development Goals
Tuesday January 8-Education and Literacy
Wednesday January 9-Global Hunger
Thursday January 10-Genocide and Child Soldiers
Friday January 11-HIV/AIDS

Monday January 14-Fair Trade/Microfinance Work
Tuesday January 15-Malaria
Wednesday January 16-Sex Trade/Prostitution/Gender Issues
Thursday January 17-Water and Sanitation
Friday January 18-Justice Issues Around the Globe

Discussion/Journal Questions of the Day:

Monday January 7-Can we/should we try to end extreme poverty?
Tuesday January 8-What difference does it make if kids go to school?
Wednesday January 9-How many folks don’t have enough to eat?
Thursday January 10-Can we help kids escape modern day slavery?
Friday January 11-Is the AIDS pandemic truly devastating Africa?

Monday January 14-How do we help people become self-sustaining?
Tuesday January 15-What difference do bed nets make for someone?
Wednesday January 16-What issues are facing females in our world?
Thursday January 17-What difference does the water you have make?
Friday January 18-What is our responsibility for the world?