Friday, January 18, 2008

A Day Nine Reflection: Making Movies by BEN WESTRATE

OK...AFRICA has been WEIGHING ON MY HEART SINCE FRESHMAN YEAR, BUT I’VE NEVER REALLY ACTED ON IT UNTIL Senior year. We’ve watched a bunch of movies in this class and these movies have made such an impact on me. Because of what I’ve seen, I find myself hurting for these kids, just from the experience of watching the film itself. These movies use powerful images such as boys so hungry that it literally hurts so much that they try to make their pain go away by sniffing glue. These type of movies are powerful. And because people see and react to these kind of movies, I believe this is what I want to pursue. If I create movies that will cause people to react and respond, these children will have food to eat and won’t have to sniff glue. I want to get rid of the kids’ habits. I want to bring them hope. Cuz me, I'm a media guy...I know all the work that goes into making movies. I know how to make them, I just need a topic--someone or something to make my movies about. And you know what, I think I’ve found that. Kids dying for needless causes, people having no access to clean water, and boys being chased through the African jungle by the same men who killed their fathers.

Because the rich of our world have become so consumed with gaining more wealth they have lost sight of why they have been given money in the first place. I believe that if wealthy people saw what I have seen in the past two weeks they would have a complete change of mind. But the problem is that they have not seen what I have seen; they just don’t know. Hopefully, by being able to show what I have seen to the rich and/or American population of the world I can change what they have seen--and encourage them to act on that. Now that I’ve seen how movies can effect me and others in my class, I want to be able to move people to the point where they have an obligation to action--so they have no choice but to give of their own resources, if that ends up being spending time in prayer, writing, giving money or even their voice. That’s what I want my movies to do. I want them to have a moving effect on people. I now see HOW SOME OF MY GIFTS CAN HELP PEOPLE LEARN about the sufferings that are going on in Africa and around the world. I know God is calling me to use video in some way to help show people those in need.

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