Monday, January 14, 2008

A Day Six Reflection: Swaziland by BEN SOUDERS

Who am I to talk about things I know very little about and have done nothing to stop in regards to such terrible global issues? Questions constantly bother me such as why did God put me here and not there? Why do I still have both my parents? I have also asked, "Why don’t I struggle with poverty and getting infected with the HIV/AIDS disease?" All these questions jolted across my mind while watching the video about HIV/AIDS in Swaziland. Then it occurred to me that I am where I am for a reason. God blessed me with what I have for a reason. Who am I to be so selfish and do nothing about the issue going on in sub-Saharan Africa and Swaziland?

This really bothers me to see children as young as six being raped and selling their bodies to older men to be able to eat for the day. It is unreal. Why haven’t I been challenged with this issue? Children are forced by their parents or other family members to participate in sexual activity. Hearing about these children just puts a pit in my stomach and angers me very much. Something is telling me that I need to do something, but what? Why are we Americans so self-centered and do nothing about this tragedy? I myself am one of the many.

It boggles my mind to understand this situation. Why are children victims of this terrible pandemic? What did they do to deserve this? NOTHING! They did absolutely nothing to deserve this. We have done nothing to deserve a terrible place like the infected areas, but nothing good enough to live in a place like Wheaton, Illinois. Understanding this pandemic interrupts my thoughts a lot during the day and what I can do about it. Why don’t more people care about this issue? HIV/AIDS is being spread in Swaziland in some of the stupidest ways such as rape, force, and polygamy. Watching the movie today made me mad, because kids can’t do much to prevent themselves from contracting the disease. Guilt hangs over my head at this very moment because I have done very little.

Questioning God again and again as the video progresses, I ask why do I serve myself when I am told to serve others? All of this is God putting something on my heart. As I say this you should not be reading this and reading about how I ramble on, but instead we need to stop questioning God and put these questions into action. I need to quit looking for blame and I should look more to what God may be asking of me. I am not comfortable with this issue and hopefully this anger leads to action. So being made by the creator of all, God, let's put all our questions and doubts into His hands and respond with action.

-Ben Souders

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