Friday, January 11, 2008

A Day Five Reflection: The Power of One by RYAN SEAGER

This class has really brought back thoughts and memories of my trip to Zambia this past summer. The past couple days, the question “Why does God let these things happen if He cares so deeply about these people?” has reappeared in my mind after wrestling with it for a long period of time after I had returned from Africa. Since returning, God has ignited a fire in my heart to not only help these people through prayer and financial support, but to get other people on fire about putting and end to this horrific humanitarian crisis. Going to Africa has really given me the ability to grasp a greater understanding of how big this epidemic really is. I want to be able to share this feeling with everyone but I know there is no possible way to express what I have seen in words. I want to explain what I have seen as best I can and do my best to get people involved. When I returned from Africa I felt like punching every spoiled American in the face and telling them, “Do you have any idea how the other half lives?” I was so mad because people here are just “unaware” of the seriousness of this disease. The reality is if we don’t support this cause PEOPLE WILL DIE, and I don’t know how you can proceed to live such a luxurious life and not have a heart to help these wonderful children of God. These people are the most compassionate, caring, kind, thankful, and amazing people you will ever meet. In meeting these people, I have realized that these people have blessed my life immensely. They are so thankful for what we have done and what God has blessed them with even though they have nothing. They are the most JOYFUL people I have ever met. They have not only ignited a fire in me to help them, but they are the definition of Christianity, and set an example for me to follow.

Tonight we watched the movie The Power of One. This movie demonstrates the issue of Apartheid, dealing specifically with the divisions between whites and blacks in South Africa. This movie really frustrated me because they depict how blacks were treated so much differently than whites. Once I had experienced Africa I do not know how you could treat these people so poorly. They are full of kindness and compassion. Imago Dei means created in the image of God. All people are created equal by our father, the God of the universe. We are all sons and daughters of the Lord Jesus Christ, no matter what color our skin is.

Now that I have experienced Africa and seen how the other half of the world lives, I challenge anyone who reads this, if you are not involved in stopping this crisis, GET INVOLVED…you will be blessed. Also, if you have not yet been to Africa, I would encourage you to do your best to find an opportunity to make the trip…it will absolutely transform you from the inside out.

Ryan Seager

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